Deal with Unbonded Subcontractors at Your Own Risk

You should never hire an unbonded subcontractor on a construction project, unless you want to put your organization at significant financial risk. If the contractor you hired fails to perform their work as specified in the contract, without a performance bond you have...

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It’s Time to Post Your OSHA Form 300A

Employers with 10 or more employees must post their completed OSHA Form 300A by Feb. 1 and keep it posted in their workplace until April 30. The form must be posted where the company usually posts other employee notices, like minimum wage and workplace safety notices....

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OSHA Raises Penalties for 2024

Fed-OSHA penalties for several workplace safety violations by employers have increased for 2024. The penalties for OSHA violations rise annually to account for inflation under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Penalties for most violations...

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New OSHA Electronic Reporting Rule Takes Effect

A new rule by the Department of Labor requires firms with 100 or more employees in certain industries to electronically submit their OSHA Form 300 and 301 logs, starting in 2024. These are in addition to submission of Form 300A-Summary of Work-Related Injuries and...

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Vacant Office Buildings May Have Insurance Problems

The trend toward employees working remotely that began during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven popular, and many employers have been able to shrink their office costs by leasing smaller spaces. However, these changes have resulted in increased commercial building...

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How to Protect Your Tools, Equipment Against Theft

One of the biggest headaches for contractors is equipment and tool theft, as thieves regularly raid worksites after hours or steal tools from parked vehicles. They can make away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and in serious cases it can result...

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Getting Buy-in from Managers on Workplace Safety Programs

One of the keys to instituting a good safety program is to get management and supervisor buy-in. You need their support and belief in the system if you are to convince your employees to embrace your safety regimen. If your managers don't believe in the safety plans...

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Would Your Firm Sink or Swim in a Crisis?

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing threat of natural disasters have shown us, disaster can strike suddenly. Crises can take many forms, like the death of an owner, one of your products causing death or injury, or an earthquake damaging your building, forcing...

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Your Cheat Sheet for International Roadcheck

The 2024 International Roadcheck — a high-visibility, high-volume inspection and enforcement effort conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance — is slated for May 14-16.During this annual three-day event, CVSA-certified inspectors fan out across the United...

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