The mental health crisis afflicting Americans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on seniors, but those who are enrolled in Original Medicare may not be getting the same treatment and attention as Medicare Advantage enrollees.

While Medicare Advantage is required to cover many of the same mental health services as Original Medicare, a new study has found that beneficiaries can have access to a broader range of behavioral health care services.

For seniors who are dealing with mental health issues, signing up for an MA plan instead of Original Medicare may provide them with the care they need to lead a meaningful and productive life.

MA plans have a unique ability to respond to these challenges through care coordination, care management and more frequent screenings, the researchers stated.

The study found that compared to Original Medicare beneficiaries, MA enrollees with any mental health condition and those with serious mental illness were more likely to have: Study: Medicare Advantage Plans Offer More Mental Health Services

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