A large percentage of injuries to agricultural workers occur while they are being transported in vehicles from one location to another.

Incidents occur due to an unsafe condition of the transport vehicles or unsafe action of the driver. Employers and workers should be knowledgeable and follow all laws regulating farm worker transport vehicles and their drivers.

Regardless of who owns the vehicle, all farm worker transport vehicles must be registered with the California State Labor Commissioner by law. The vehicle must have a certification sticker and safety inspection sticker issue by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or be subject to heavy fines.

Vehicles used must be in working condition. They are required to have a function a steering wheel, horn, door latches, and tires with adequate tread. The vehicle must have mirrors (rear-view and side), a clean windshield, and functioning windshield wipers in order to provide good visibility. Safety Tips for Agriculture Transport Vehicles

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