As a business owner you area already know you need to protect against and plan for external supply chain risks. These risks are often out of your control as they can affect suppliers or transportation providers, as well as transportation networks and infrastructure.

However, you also have internal supply chain risks, which you are better able to control. These risks can affect a variety of businesses from manufacturers to retailers and restaurants – and any business that has some type of revolving stock.

It could be vital to the survival of your business that you are aware of and prepare for internal risks such as machinery and equipment breakdowns.

Knowing the right steps to take ahead of time can save you from making a bad situation worse or significantly delaying the resumption of operations. All of that, of course, amounts to extra costs for your operation, including the potential for lost revenues.

If you prepare for a failure of a key piece of equipment or machinery, you also won’t be scrambling trying to figure out your next step in times of internal disruption or crisis. Making decisions at such times can often lead to more problems and costs.

Your risk management plan to deal with such failures should include: Managing Your Internal Supply Chain Risk

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