As businesses use more and more devices in their operations, their vulnerability to cyber attacks increases exponentially.

Some employees may have a work smartphone, a laptop for the road and a desktop unit for when they work in the office. And there may be other systems and assets that are connected to the company network and the internet.

That’s why it’s important for all organizations to have a thorough inventory of everything that may be connected to their network. Every device is essentially another door for hackers to exploit.

Not only that, but you likely subscribe to multiple cloud services, which can also be used to gain entry into your database.

If you don’t have a full accounting of all your connected devices and services, you leave your business exposed to a cyber attack. You may be slow to detect an attack, as well — and the longer you wait to respond, the more damage the hackers can cause.

To protect your organization, you can start by making a list of all of the following that may be connected to your network and the internet: Inventory of All Connected Assets Can Thwart Cyber Attacks

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