A new study has found that many people who interact with their mobile phones while behind the wheel do so because of pressure from their bosses to answer calls, emails and text messages even if they are not on the clock.

Employers that pressure their staff to respond quickly to work-related messages and calls can be held partially liable for any accidents their employees cause due to distracted driving. While the employee’s personal auto coverage would cover the cost of accidents they cause, if an incident results in serious injury or property damage, the injured third party may go for deeper pockets, like your business.

According to the report by The Travelers Companies, almost nine in 10 business managers expect their employees to at least occasionally respond to work-related phone calls and texts outside traditional office hours. A third of them expect employees to take or participate in work phone calls while they’re driving.

Unsurprisingly, drivers who want to keep their jobs and the accompanying paychecks try to please the boss. Forty-two percent of drivers take work calls and read work texts and e-mails while driving, according to the report. Of those who do: Employees Are Using Their Phones While Driving Because They Think They Have To

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