It’s not just California that is susceptible to earthquakes. Other parts of the country from the Midwest to the South are exposed to earthquake risk, and companies that don’t have proper coverage may not get the claims payments they expect if their business is damaged in a quake.

Unfortunately, many business owners are surprised to learn after the fact that their commercial property policy won’t cover damage from an earthquake. To fill this gap, you can turn to a “Differences in Conditions” (DIC) policy, which will often cover risks that an underlying property policy won’t.

While the risk of earthquake is not as great as on the West Coast, as well as in Hawaii and Alaska, other parts of the country are also at risk. In fact, 42 of the 50 states have a reasonable chance of experiencing damaging ground-shaking from an quake within 50 years, according to the US Geological Survey. Earthquake Risk- Is Your Business Covered with a ‘Differences in Conditions’ Policy?

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