Americans who were cooped up at home during stay-at home orders since the pandemic started have been busy renovating their homes in record numbers.

Home renovation spending grew 15% in the last year to a median $15,000, according to a survey by home renovation website Houzz. It also found that higher-budget projects (accounting for the top 10% of project spending) saw an increase to $85,000 or more in 2020, compared with $80,000 in the two years prior.

If you are one of the thousands of people who spent money on home renovations recently and you haven’t informed your insurer about it, you should, particularly if those renovations have bolstered the value of your home.

The reason for this is that if that new kitchen increased the cost of rebuilding your home after a claim, your current homeowner’s insurance limits may not be high enough to reimburse you if you have a total loss. Ideally, you should inform your insurer before you start renovations.

Below we list the main home renovations that you should inform your insurer about as they can affect your coverage (please note: the prices are from 2020, before construction costs went through the roof, so current averages are likely higher):  Have You Renovated Your Home

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